When used with a Blade Pile, a perfect concrete bored pier replacement is created

  • Can function as a structural slip joint
  • Effective support for waffle and conventional raft slabs during clay heave & shrink
  • Manufactured using high density long life HDPE
  • Maximum load capacity of up to 208kN

How it works

The pile cap represents a simple but powerful innovation in steel screw pile technology. When installed, the pile cap is positioned flush with the soil, allowing concrete slabs to be laid directly on top of the pile while the cap isolates the two.

Patented – The world’s first structural slip joint pile cap, designed to ride up the pile during periods of soil heave, then re-seat down onto the pile during periods of soil shrinkage.

When combined, the Blade Pile and Slip Joint Cap are certified as a ‘Bored Pier’ substitute. This is done by the system achieving AS2870 and AS2159 compliance for design, overall durability, and performance.

The system is a more efficient choice overall, that saves builders both time and money while maintaining AS2870 compliance as an isolated pier.

Slip Joint Pile Cap Blade Pile New Zealand

Blade Pile & Pile Cap

Slip Joint Pile Cap Blade Pile New Zealand