Screw Pile Solutions & Pile Technology

• Bridging services / replacing concrete piles
• Replacing cut and fill option with suspended slab on Blade Piles
• Peat
• Liquefaction
• High water table
• Timber floor


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The Superior Solution

With a superior dual blade design, the Blade Pile is an advanced screw piling system that can provide up to twice the holding force of traditional helical piles. Our industry leading screw pile solutions and pile technology offer an innovative foundation solution for the building and construction industry. With a solution for all types of problem sites and conditions, Blade Pile New Zealand offer product supply to installation that is both cost and time effective.
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Why Blade Pile

Blade Pile's screw pile solutions and pile technology offer three key benefits to our customers.

1. Unbeatable Strength

2. Easier Installation

3. Competitive Price

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